Ahmed Al Jaber: UAE will put extra effort in mitigating Middle East tension

‘Attack on any tanker is an assault on the entire international community’


The United Arab Emirates are looking for a de-escalation of tension in the Middle East, ADNOC CEO Ahmed Al Jaber said on Tuesday after Iran accused the United States of shutting down the road to diplomacy with additional economic sanctions.

“The UAE will work … to defuse and deescalate the current threat,” Sultan al-Jaber, the Minister of State, said at a conference in London. “Now is the time for wisdom, diplomacy and the concerted efforts of the international community.”

He said that stability and energy security are essential to economic growth at the inaugural Bloomberg Emerging and Frontier Forum.

As such, the UAE, with the sixth largest oil reserves in the world, views very seriously any threat to security of energy supplies. Any attack on a single tanker is an assault on the entire international community. It is a violation of the core values of free trade, peace, and prosperity that the UAE and peaceful nations stand for. That is why the UAE will work together with our friends and allies to defuse and de-escalate the current threat and help ensure regional stability and the security of energy supplies to global customers.

He added that now is the moment for the international community’s wisdom, diplomacy and concerted attempts, as everyone strives for a stable and safe business interest. Ahmed Al Jaber said that they are the fundamentals of financial advancement.


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