The US alliance with the Gulf decays as the UAE ties with China and Russia

The US alliance with the Gulf decays as the UAE ties with China and Russia

The US-Gulf Alliance and the UAE

The U.S. remained as staunch to their allies as it remained to their enemies. However, some of its members chose to keep strategic relationships where the competition was similarly retaliated. It’s not going to be a misconjecture to claim that the UAE was that partner, one of the most important countries in the Middle East.

Recently, the Emirati sands have gone in a completely distinct direction as they started buying Chinese weapons, generating bloodbath in the MENA region. In addition, some Seychelles secret meetings— including Trump administration, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Russians — influenced the U.S. voting system as well. The interference not only hurts the domestic interests of the United States, but is also thought to possibly alter the American perception of Democrats in future elections.

The US was the only important player before the collaboration between these three countries. Back in the beginning 1970s, ties between the U.S. and the UAE have grown into one of the greenest factories in the worldwide alliance park. In addition, the significant advantages fell into the lapses of the UAE, as its de facto leader MbZ shrewdly extended its power empire by pursuing the American lead.

In 1972, the official diplomatic relationship was created between the two nations, and since then, bilateral collaboration has become closer. In defense, non-proliferation, trade and law enforcement, both were associates.

The UAE became the single biggest exporter to the US in the MENA region with huge petroleum and gas deposits. For its portion, Washington supplied security against internal aggression, particularly Iran, with which both share a common competition.

Prince MbZ used American knowledge to build up his intelligence service for his army practice and former spies. From 2007-2010, Prince Mohammed spent enormous quantities on the purchase of guns— 80 F-16 fighters, 62 French Mirage aircraft and 30 Apache fighting planes. This was more than those that were placed together by the other five Gulf monarchies.

The US started deploying different aircraft at Al Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi in the subsequent years. The United States started supplying more fighter jets and bombs in 2014 to assist the mission of the UAE in Iraq and Syria. Even today, both in Yemen and Libya, America supports the action of the Emirates. It still offers the Saudi-UAE-led coalition with guns, intelligence and other help, triggering the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.


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