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China’s technological goal is unstoppable during the trade war

The tech goal of China will not be affected by the ongoing trade warChina is closing in on the...

Chinese State News Agency: US held trade discussions

Talks continues between the American and the Chinese sidesThe Chinese and the American sides had “positive” discussions on...

Permits applications of Huawei are being sent to the US

To date, no US applications for permits to sell to Chinese telecommunications companies have been given.Huawei presented over...

US allegedly will provide Huawei with another provisional relief

For almost all of 2019, your Huawei could remain up-to-dateDespite commitments to remove some constraints, Huawei had no...

Blackout of New York 1977 hits again

Parts of midtown, Manhattan and the West Side went dark On Saturday at 6:47 pm.People used their cellphones...

Iran confiscates 1,000 Bitcoin mining machines after power spike

According to state TV reports, government in Iran has confiscated around 1,000 Bitcoin mining devices from two former facilities.

UAE is launching Falcon Eye satellite in July

'Falcon Eye 1' will be the fourth recon satellite launched by the UAE, brings the number to ten satellites in orbit. The UAE is planning to have 12 orbiting satellites by 2020.

PlayStation fans are most excited for The Last Of Us 2...

Right now there are four AAA titles with a massive budget which will only be available to PlayStation users: The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Toronto Urged to Cancel Smart City Project by Google

The Quayside "Smart City" project in Toronto, Canada continues to face criticism from supporters for privacy and current and former employees

China demands a proper explanation from FedEx on Huawei

After PC Magazine, a popular American computer magazine, said that FedEx refused to send the device, FedEx had apologized suggesting that it was an "operational mistake."