Puerto Rico slammed as an imminent storm is escalated


Puerto Rico authorities against Trump

President Donald Trump is already competing with Puerto Rican authorities as a tropical storm to the island, showing insensitivity to Americans who are still recovering from one crisis and confronting another.

“We’re tightly following the tropical storm Dorian as it moves, as normal, to Puerto Rico. We prepare FEMA and all the others, and they will do a wonderful task. Let them know when they do, and offer them a large thank you-not like last moment, including from the incompetent Mayor of San Juan!” Trump tweeted from the White House on Wednesday evening.

Later Wednesday, he slapped the government of the territory and praised himself.

“Puerto Rico is one of the most powerful locations on earth. Their political system shattered and their leaders were Incompetent or Corrupt. Congress last allowed trillions of dollars, more than any other place has ever received, and it’s sent to Crooked Pols. No good!” he stated, adding, “And by the manner, I’m the best thing that ever occurred to Puerto Rico!”

Trump’s absence of sympathy for Puerto Ricans was at odds with his handling of flood victims in the mainland US during his reign in office, causing a criticism of racism, including by local authorities protecting their homes.

Trump and local officials likewise — namely San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz — have continuously spared financing for Hurricane Maria in the wake of 2017, the President’s disparaging comments about the island, and more.

Puerto Rican Expectations

It expects tropical storm Dorian to be close to a Category 1 hurricane as it approaches Puerto Rico on Wednesday and could reinforce into a Category 2 hurricane before landfall in Florida on Labor Day Weekend.

Puerto Ricans brace for heavy precipitation and powerful storms almost two years after Hurricane Maria struck the island. Almost 3,000 individuals perished because of the hurricane and after-effects, including extensive energy outages. Trump has continuously rejected any fault to his administration in the hurricane’s wake. In reality, the President has instead requested credit for his handling of Hurricane Maria, calling it an “unbelievable, unsung achievement” last year.

Yulín Cruz criticized Trump on Tuesday for preparing his town for another tempest, advising the President to “get out of the manner.”

Source: CNN


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