Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed’s visit to China

Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed's visit to China

China and UAE. A 35-year-old diplomatic partnership

As Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed’s visits China, there has been a long history of mutual interests and cooperation between the UAE and China. Here in this article we are going to project some of these long historical relations.

There has been a 35-year-old diplomatic partnership between UAE and China. The first interaction between the two countries happened in 1984 as it was the initiation year of this partnership.

In 1985, China opened its embassy in the Emirati capital, Dubai and two years after, UAE opened its embassy in the Chinese capital Beijing as well. Not long after that, China founded its general council in Dubai.

In 1989, the first official visit happened as the Chinese president Yung Shang Kun was hosted in Dubai and a year after, the UAE repaid the visit when Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan flied to Beijing to found the Sheikh Zayed’s office for Arabic language and Arabian and Islamic studies teaching.

The UAE also donated to build the Arabic language faculty in the foreign studies university in Beijing.

In year 2000, UAE opened its general council in Hong Kong. Eight years after, Sheikh Mohamad bin Rashed Al Maktoom visited China in order to enhance the binary relations then in 2009, it was the opening of the UAE’s council in Shanghai.

The two countries signed a strategic partnership agreement in 2012 then three years later Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed Al Nahyan visited China to grow he friendly relations and cooperation.

The last year, the Chinese president “Chi Shen Bing” paid a visit to the UAE in order to discuss the situation in the middle east and to strengthen the bonds between the two countries.

This year, Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed Al Nahyan visited China for the 4th time to strengthen the strategic cooperation in all the fields.

The UAE has its weigh in the middle east while China is a high power in the world, therefore, this kind of relation is going to benefit both countries and help their own policies.


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