Why Trump’s plan to replace Obama Care is abandoned

US Senate votes to block financing border wall of Trump

This weak, Donald Trump collided with political reality when he proclaimed that Republicans would be party of health care, which is considered an impossible task as party members scrambled to apart him from his idea.

It was framed as a mere delay by Trump;

“everybody agrees that Obama Care doesn’t work” — well, not everyone — and that Republicans are “developing a really great Health Care Plan with far lower premiums (cost) & deductibles than Obama Care. the vote will be taken right after the Election when Republicans hold the Senate & win back the House”

The implication is Donald Trump himself will be reelected safely besides GOP will not regain full control of government which makes promise moot.

Trump brands expert who is eager to win news cycle declaring that a new plan  for super-duper Republican could accomplish that.

However, he had three different attempts – all failed – to push replacement of Obama Care through a Congress controlled by Republicans.

Democratic House has a great interest in Obama Care which enjoys majority support in polls.

Some senior advisers of the president pushed for administration to join of Texas challenging constitutionality of Obama law regardless opposition of Attorney General Bill Barr & others.

Dr. Siegel: ObamaCare isn’t going away. Here’s how we can fix it

Abandoning the one-size-fits-all approach and giving more choice will lower costs, Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel argues.

Millions will be left with no coverage besides popular provision of law will be killed if the suit were to succeed.

“New health care law was seen as a potential disaster-in-the making by GOP leaders, who knew their incumbents and candidates were hurt by it badly last November. In public and private, Republican leaders made clear that they didn’t want anything to do with the president’s most recent maneuver. They begged Trump to back down, and made their displeasure known to other administration officials, as well”

The reason why Trump has boxed in on health care is running as a populist wanting universal access to insurance to be delivered efficiently & cheaply that means preserving Obama Care which is impossible to sell to House Freedom Caucus holding on enough moderates.

“There are effectively two Trump presidencies. One offers something like what the president promised on the campaign trail — a break with Paul Ryan’s green-eye shade approach to entitlement reform, a more moderate tack on health care, an indifference to Obama-era conservative orthodoxies on fiscal and monetary policy. The first presidency is mostly real; the second presidency has been mostly imaginary ever since the failure of Obamacare repeal left Ryan-ism neutered”

Judith Miller calls White House’s renewed push to eliminate Obamacare mystifying

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signals he will not play leading role in crafting new health care bill; reaction and analysis from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Fox News contributor Judith Miller.


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