Bestiality is officially banned by Kentucky governor


Last Tuesday, Gov. Matt Bevin signed a bill which outlaws sex between animals & people in Bluegrass State.

Senate Bill 67 bans sexual contact between animal & human defining as

“any act committed between a person & an animal for purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, abuse or financial gain”

19RS SB 67

Create a new section of KRS Chapter 525 to establish the offense of sexual crimes against an animal; define “animal” and “sexual contact”; list exceptions including, animal husbandry; amend KRS 436.605 to add sexual crimes against an animal to the list of crimes for which an animal control officer may utilize peace officer powers.

Kentucky was one of final states lacks a law forbidding bestiality alongside Hawaii, Washington, D.C, Wyoming, West Virginia & New Mexico.

In recent years, several attempts had failed to ban  bestiality in Kentucky.

SB 67, makes sex crimes against an animal punishable by one to five years in prison as a Class D felony after being passed easily by Senate & House.

Perpetrators will not be allowed to own animals, living with animals in a household or even volunteering in a place they got an access to animals for five years after completing sentence.

animal have to be returned to its rightful owners if violator is not the basic owner of abused animal.

Republican state Sen. Julie Raque Adams who is the sponsor of bill is very excited as bill has been signed into law.

“Not only will it protect our animals from abuse, but it will also protect women and children from violence. It is proven beyond a doubt that persons who sexually assault animals are very likely to turn their violent tendencies toward women and children”


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