US allegedly will provide Huawei with another provisional relief


For almost all of 2019, your Huawei could remain up-to-date

Despite commitments to remove some constraints, Huawei had no luck reversing the US trade ban. However, it may be a long time before the firm is compelled to break all its connections. Reuters sources claim that the Department of Commerce is anticipated to give Huawei another 90-day “transitional general permit” to maintain a replenishment set to expire on 19 August. It is reported that the agreement will allow Huawei to retain present telecom networks as well as provide phone software updates. Your P30 Pro is expected to remain up-to-date months after the prohibition came into force, and may even remain up-to-date in 2019.

According to the tipsters, the scenario “stays liquid” and leaves a opportunity that the permit may expire. The Department of Commerce refused to comment.

It isn’t going to be a startling step. In its trade conflict with China, the US used the prohibition and the original relief as leverage, and providing an expansion might be component of that approach. If China wishes to maintain that permit or raise some of the constraints indefinitely, it may need to create important concessions. Do not suppose that any Huawei phones you have will continue to receive hardware upgrades throughout their lifetime, as the US could help yank just as readily.


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