Fire burns 10,000 acres of New Jersey forest, smoke closed roads


On Saturday, Penn State Forest has witnessed a wildfire which is now raging Burlington County across across 10,000 acres of forest. However, authorities confirm that 75% of the fire is contained.

Route 72 remains closed which located between routes 539 & 532 in Barnegat while firefighters do their best to contain spread of wildfire.

Although, three quarters of fire is contained on Sunday, not yet under control as the threat of of it spreading hasn’t been halted yet.

Threats can’t be structured besides no injuries were reported or property damaged.

Fire grew to 10,000 acres in part as forest fire service of the state is fighting wild fire through setting fires around it in order to stop its from spreading.

Fire control line expand out 10,000 acres an area equal to15.5 square miles.

Ash & Smoke filled air as far north as Marlboro & in Monmouth County that is t 40 miles from fire in addition to reports of smoke as far south as Atlantic counties & as far north as as Bergen.

17 trucks & 50 fire fighters from forest fire service of the state work to contain fire while helicopter monitors its spread.

“We will be out there all night. Something like this, we won’t take a chance. It could be a million possibilities. Our plan is working at this time. We’re pleased with the progress they’re making. We fight fire with fire. We light fires ahead of the fire and around the fire. With a fire of this magnitude, there’s no way to put it out with water.

New Jersey forest fire burns 10,000 acres, roads closed as smoke spreads

ASBURY PARK, N.J. – A wildfire that started in Penn State Forest on Saturday is now raging across 10,000 acres of forest in Burlington County, but about 75 percent of it is contained authorities said early Sunday. Route 72 between routes 532 and 539 in Barnegat remains closed while firefighters try to contain the spread of the wildfire.


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