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Michelle Obama is the most admirable woman

Michelle Obama beats the former “Most admirable woman in the world” title holder Angelina Jolie. According to a new poll...

Tamim’s visit to Washington and what’s behind it

The emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, has paid president Donald Trump a visit yesterday, 9th of July, in Washington...

Sri Lanka bombings: Death toll reaches 290

So far, police have arrested 24 people in connection with the attacks; the worst violence the South Asian island has seen since its civil war ended 10 years ago.

Jewish center’s menace in Ohio gets a man detained

A person they think threatened to carry out a shooting at a Jewish community center was detained by police in the US...

Area 51 is to be overwhelmed by 400 thousand people

Area 51 is still a top secret area but will it continue to be?! A message by the US...

The US alliance with the Gulf decays as the UAE ties...

The US-Gulf Alliance and the UAE The U.S. remained as staunch to their allies as it remained to their...

UAE helps vaccinate children against polio in Pakistan

Well over 71 million children in Pakistan have been vaccinated against polio so far as part of a large UAE campaign in this South Asian country that began five years ago.

Japan struggles to protect its most vulnerable children

JAPAN/TOKYO - Miwa Moriya was 6 when social workers told her she was going to a Christmas party, but have instead moved her into a group home for about 60 children in a small city in western Japan.

Iran confiscates 1,000 Bitcoin mining machines after power spike

According to state TV reports, government in Iran has confiscated around 1,000 Bitcoin mining devices from two former facilities.