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Puerto Rico slammed as an imminent storm is escalated

Puerto Rico authorities against Trump President Donald Trump is already competing with Puerto Rican authorities as a tropical storm...

China demands a proper explanation from FedEx on Huawei

After PC Magazine, a popular American computer magazine, said that FedEx refused to send the device, FedEx had apologized suggesting that it was an "operational mistake."

UK-bound cargo ferry returns to Netherlands after 25 migrants found onboard

At least 25 migrants have been found stowed away in a UK-bound ferry on Tuesday, Dutch police said. The migrants were discovered aboard the Britannia...

Yemen’s UAE war and lessons learned from it

The civil war in Yemen has dragged on for years, and after the Saudi and UAE intervention in 2015, the destruction and...

Latin America, US Targets double funding to $12 trillion

Latin focus by the US The United States has developed a fresh organization with a specific focus on Latin America...

Hundreds detained by the police during demonstration in Russia

Over 600 individuals were arrested in Russia during an unauthorized demonstration in the midst of police violence allegations. Protesters...

US Army Veteran Converted To Islam Planned Domestic Terror Attacks In...

A U.S. Army veteran, Mark Steven Domingo, has been arrested for an attempted domestic terrorist attack in “multiple” Los Angeles locations in “retribution” for the mosque mass shooting in New Zealand last month, federal prosecutors announced Monday.

Helicopter crashes on top of Manhattan office tower

A helicopter crashed Monday on the roof of a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan, killing the pilot, officials said.

Mike Pompeo says US doesn’t want war with Iran

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the United States does not seek a war with Iran, amid rapidly growing...

Gunman us festival gilroy california

3 People killed and more are injured in a festival A gunman killed three people and wounded 15 at...