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Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed’s visit to China

China and UAE. A 35-year-old diplomatic partnership As Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed’s visits China, there has been a...

Launch of Iranian rocket picture, Trump tweets

The release of a high-resolution picture of the launch by the US president increases issues about disclosure of classified information. President...

Khamenei denies that U.S. satellites Detected Iran Reading Arms

Evidences point at Khamenei U.S. surveillance satellites detected Iran readying drones and missiles at release web sites in Iran...

Tariffs of US will not be retaliated, China claims

China Shows It Will Not Retaliate Now on New US Tariffs China stated that it would not immediately retaliate against the...

UAE is launching Falcon Eye satellite in July

'Falcon Eye 1' will be the fourth recon satellite launched by the UAE, brings the number to ten satellites in orbit. The UAE is planning to have 12 orbiting satellites by 2020.

No matter what Trump says, tariffs aren’t boosting the American economy

In threatening an escalation of a trade war with China over the weekend, President Donald Trump claimed that the tariffs already in place have boosted the economy.

Iran ready to respond as US General continues to claim imminent...

Now, Iran continues at a high point of readiness with all those additional U.S. troops and the military bases in the region.

At the sports event, US high school pupils seem to salute...

The video released by the Daily Beast demonstrates 10 members of the water polo squad of the children, welcoming a figure

What China's economic problems mean for the world

Published15 minutes agoShareclose panelShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingImage source, Getty ImagesBy Nick MarshAsia business correspondentThere is a saying that when the United States sneezes, the...

Huawei founder says US government underestimated their power

The growing animosity between Huawei Technologies and the U.S. government was inevitable and a sales ban imposed by the Trump administration will literally have no...