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South Africa's Ramaphosa to be sworn in for second term

South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa is due to be sworn in for a second term in office as president, despite failing to security a majority...

Nepalese worker dies in Malaysia meat machine accident

In this picture taken late July 11, 2017, belongings of foreign workers hang on a wall at a dormitory in Malaysia. Source: Manan VATSYAYANA...

Fourth NYPD officer commits suicide this month

The Bronx policeman, recognized by sources as Kevin Preiss, 53, was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head around 9:50 p.m. at his home in Hicksville, Nassau County police said on Wednesday.

4 new laws and rules introduced in Dubai in 2019

From having your liquor permit to canceling your phone contract, Dubai has made life a lot easier for foreign residents.

Tributes paid to 'true giant' of baseball, Willie Mays

The baseball world has saluted the achievements of Willie Mays, widely considered one of the sport's best ever players, after his death at age...

Tanker Adrian Darya Blacklisted by U.S. due to oil transfer

The US has blacklisted the Iranian tanker Adrian Darya The US has blacklisted the Iranian tanker Adrian Darya,...

Japan-based U.S. aircraft carrier in the South China Sea

A U.S. aircraft carrier in the South China Sea In a flow probably to stoke anger in Beijing days earlier...

Julian Assange faces US hacking conspiracy charge

In an indictment revealed this morning, U.S. authorities alleged that Assange conspired with former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to steal and publish large amounts of classified documents.

Sudan crisis and subsequent potential disaster

Masses of demonstrators calling for a fresh age of wealth and accountability in Sudan celebrated earlier this year as army armies overthrew Omar al-Bashir, the long-ruling dictator of the country.

Scholz vows to improve handling of irregular migration

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz addressed migration and border control with leaders from eastern states in Wittenberg,...