At the sports event, US high school pupils seem to salute Nazis


The video released by the Daily Beast demonstrates 10 members of the water polo squad of the children, welcoming a figure

High school learners in southern California appeared to greet the Nazi at a sports team awards party in disturbing video footage.

A clip allegedly demonstrates about 10 participants of the girls ‘ water polo squad at Garden Grove’s Pacifica high school exchanging the greeting while confronting a person in a lectern who greets and sings.

The event took place before an awards ceremony late last year, according to the Daily Beast, which released the clip. The website revealed that the song was an obscure World War II Nazi marching song.

This event is a distaster

A student reportedly shared the video on Instagram, who also allegedly posted lyrics to the song in his bio on the social network that he subsequently removed.

It is the second event that this year will bring domestic attention to Nazi representations and high school children in the region. In March, in the form of a swastika, students from neighboring Orange county emerged to do the Nazi salute while adjacent cups were organized.

The district of Garden Grove Unified School, which oversees Pacifica high school, said both organisations “highly reject” the clip, which it said was “filmed last year by some learners engaging in Nazi-related offensive acts.”

A spokesman for the district informed the Guardian that the event took place before a college sports banquet “after college hours, off-campus” and communicated on Snapchat with “a tiny number of learners.”

“The administration of Pacifica High School was not introduced to the attention until March 2019, four months after the banquet, when school administrators took immediate action and discussed the case with all the learners and relatives engaged.

The district, quoting the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act, refused to comment on whether any disciplinary action was taken. But after the event, the spokesman said the college “has reached out to community organizations to provide assistance that will continue to provide an anti-bias teaching atmosphere and tackle hate, bias, and exclusion problems with all employees and pupils.”

She added: “Pacifica high college will work with learners, employees and families along with our other district colleges to proceed addressing these problems in the spring in cooperation with anti-bias education organizations.”

The musician and activist Bill Madden criticized the chairman, commenting on Twitter, among angry reactions on social media: “This is America. Trump created the family of the Third Reich sympathetic.”


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