Qatar’s emir visits the US on the 9th of July

Qatar’s emir visits the US on the 9th of July

Qatar is seeking to improve its public image abroad through positive exposure in prominent US media outlets as the Qatari emir’s, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, visit is approaching.

The visit, which is scheduled to be on the 9th of July 2019, has no revealed reasons so far which raises questions in all of the political mediums.

Concurring with the American sanctions on Iran, The Emir’s visit may include some discussions about the Iranian situation as it’s known that Doha and Tehran both have some strong relations economically and militarily.

In the past few weeks, Qatar’s government has sponsored messages from the administration of Qatar have appeared “in-between titbits of juicy news from Capitol Hill in Politico’s Playbook,” according to US digital news site Mediate. 

The government of Qatar is trying to build some reputation that it’s a counter-terrorism government to wipe away or at least distort the accusations which have been falling towards it for the past years which included supporting terrorist groups in the middle east and protecting wanted terrorists on its lands.

On the other hand, we are waiting to see the reaction of the US government on this visit because the US side will not tolerate any mediation that may strength the Iranian side at all. The Iranian file is known to be a red line for the US government and apparently this is not going to change anytime in the near future.

The Qatari government supported Iran with statements in front of the international community on many occasions before specially in the Yemeni war. And it’s probable that this visit is about lifting the sanctions off of Iran but we can’t be sure until it happens in a couple of days.

Questions are raised about the campaign carried on by the Qatari government and the timing of the Emir’s visit but it will all be revealed soon enough. The whole international community is just waiting to see what will happen.


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