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UAE helps vaccinate children against polio in Pakistan

Well over 71 million children in Pakistan have been vaccinated against polio so far as part of a large UAE campaign in this South Asian country that began five years ago.

Bestiality is officially banned by Kentucky governor

Last Tuesday, Gov. Matt Bevin signed a bill which outlaws sex between animals & people in Bluegrass State. Senate Bill 67 bans sexual contact between...

Why Trump’s plan to replace Obama Care is abandoned

This weak, Donald Trump collided with political reality when he proclaimed that Republicans would be party of health care,...

Goops profit through shunning chemicals of makeup

Goop and others profit by shunning makeup chemicals. What do scientists say? Skincare sets wrapped in millennial pink and eco-green fill Instagram ads this season....

Report Claims Pentagon is World’s Largest Producer of Greenhouse Gases

According to a study from Brown University's "Costs of War" initiative, the Pentagon has produced over a billion metric tonnes of greenhouse gases since the start of the worldwide war on terrorism in 2001.

Paralyzed man treated with stem cells shows signs of recovery

Kris Bosen, a 21-year-old man from Bakersfield, CA, has undergone a historic stem cells therapy that allows him to recover from paralysis

Climate change melt human poop at Denali National Park in Alaska

Climate change could melt decades worth of human poop at Denali National Park in Alaska There's good news and bad news at Denali, North America's...

Mom Charged for murder after twin died

Mom is facing murder charges after using cocaine and ecstasy during pregnancy and the twin died The unnamed newborn twin...

Medical tourism revenues for UAE in 2018 top 3.3 billion USD

Medical tourism is thriving in UAE Medical tourism revenues in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) risen by 5.5 percent...

What we miss in food, kills us

"In many countries, poor diet now causes more deaths than tobacco smoking and high blood pressure" Journal Lancet published lead author of a 27-year...