Goops profit through shunning chemicals of makeup


Goop and others profit by shunning makeup chemicals. What do scientists say?

Skincare sets wrapped in millennial pink and eco-green fill Instagram ads this season. With their pore-refining promises, these would-be stocking-stuffers draw attention to “toxic chemicals” canceled by clean-living proponents in the past few years. Face masks with parabens? Don’t even think about it, the gospel of Goop preaches.

Sets of Skincare wrapped in Eco-green & millennial pink fill ads of Instagram.

Skincare sets would-be stocking-suffers draw attention to “toxic chemicals” with their pore-refining promises canceled by clean-living proponents.

Don’t even think about face masks with parabens, gospel of Goop preaches. Body lotions with mineral oils are not on nice list of Beauty counter.

However, any attempt to understand rationale behind these decrees will be complicated than trying to apply liquid eyeliner in an airplane bathroom.

Industry veterans & experts believe billion-dollar clean beauty movement is that terms as organic & natural – drove a 27% increase in skincare – are unregulated & meaningless with much-hyped health risks of chemical ingredients based on questionable data.

“There is kind of a chemo-phobia in U.S. – if it’s a chemical, a man-made chemical, it must be bad”

A nonprofit advocacy organization called EWG – clean cosmetics crusade’s leader – believes that people should be aware that pilloried chemicals are bad based on reviews of research even if its impossible to prove these ingredients cause cancer directly.

“You have the choice not to buy that product”

Sensibility confounds say adage “the dose makes the poison” is a principle of toxicology.

“The average person wants a yes/no for every chemical, and they don’t think about the dose. It turns out that 50 percent of the chemicals in the world we think are carcinogens if you’re given enough”

Fourth & back on ingredient safety has been enabled relative low levels of U.S. regulation on cosmetics industry.

Nicolette Leung, 32, difference rigorous regulations of USA & EU gave her pause.

“Even with natural beauty products it’s confusing. I think the entire industry is confusing and opaque. The truth is that there are no regulations around the term ‘clean beauty. It typically means minimal to no synthetic ingredients and the absence of any ingredient deemed controversial, even if there’s valid research attesting to the ingredient’s safety as used in cosmetics”

FDA & Food oversees cosmetics to make sure they are safe for consumers to use as properly labeled unlike drugs & food that don’t require FDA approvals before being sent to markets.



Goop of Gwyneth Paltrow, Beautycounter & Honest Company of Jessica Albahave made highly publicized movements to natural alternatives. Strategy backfired in high-profile cases. Natural sunscreen of Alba was banned widely as it didn’t protect skin from burning. Her baby powder & baby wipes were recalled because of contamination of microorganisms & mold.

“We believe that you can make beautiful, efficacious products without customers needing to worry about unsafe levels of toxins in their products. If there’s opportunity for us to prevent exposure to some of these ingredients we should do everything we can to do so”

There’s industry-wide concerns on potential harm of ingredients including products of hair-straightening which release formaldehyde into air when heated besides special agents of skin-bleaching that have affected color disproportionately women compared to white one because they used products which change skin texture & hair conforming with standards of Western beauty.

“There’s a mythology of the Whole Foods soccer mom and affluent white women, but a lot of this is also driven by communities of color who are not necessarily affluent who are making really important choices for themselves and their families. The things that our African grandmothers told us, those kind of folklore or folktales, we now are starting to understand the scientific underpinnings of those claims they used to make”


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