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Trade between China and U.S. Falls as Tariff War continues

China's trade with U.S. declinesChina’s trade with the United States is declining as both parties are preparing for...

Free Zone Expo in Abu Dhabi helps economic growth

World free zone Expo is a step forwardThe World Free Zone Expo (WFZE) Pavilion, a first-of-its-kind special eventthey...

Oil is falling amid a fresh round of tariffs in the...

Oil Prices dropOil prices dropped on Monday, following the entry into force of fresh tariffs enforced by...

Salary of Top bosses in the United States is enormous

Last year, chief managers gained an average of $17.2 million and since 1978 their salary has grown by more than 1000 percent.

Abu Dhabi tops the world in safety

Abu Dhabi, The UAE state is the safest city in the worldAbu Dhabi got announced as the safest...

Iran confiscates 1,000 Bitcoin mining machines after power spike

According to state TV reports, government in Iran has confiscated around 1,000 Bitcoin mining devices from two former facilities.

UAE is launching Falcon Eye satellite in July

'Falcon Eye 1' will be the fourth recon satellite launched by the UAE, brings the number to ten satellites in orbit. The UAE is planning to have 12 orbiting satellites by 2020.

Toronto Urged to Cancel Smart City Project by Google

The Quayside "Smart City" project in Toronto, Canada continues to face criticism from supporters for privacy and current and former employees

Ahmed Al Jaber: UAE will put extra effort in mitigating Middle...

The United Arab Emirates are looking for a de-escalation of tension in the Middle East, ADNOC CEO Ahmed Al Jaber said on Tuesday after Iran accused the United States of shutting down the road to diplomacy with additional economic sanctions.

Erdogan will not pull back from S-400 deal with Russia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey would finalizethe purchase of Russia's missile defense system S-400 in July