Antonio Brown accused of raping previous trainer in suit


Antonio Brown accused of raping a lady

New England Patriots broad receiver Antonio Brown, one of the NFL’s biggest stars, faces a conviction of raping a lady who had previously served as a physical trainer, according to a statutory lawsuit.

The civil suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on Tuesday alleges that Antonio Brown sexually assaulted Britney Taylor, a gymnast he met while attending Central Michigan University.

The lawsuit, a copy of which was acquired by the Guardian, accuses Antonio Brown of assaulting Taylor on three distinct occasions, twice in June 2017 and a fifth in May 2018, stating that he “preyed on [her] warmth and her spiritual dedication, portraying himself as an individual similarly devoted to his cultural faith and a man she could trust.”

Antonio Brown’s lawyer, Darren Heitner, said in a declaration published Tuesday evening that the receiver “rejects every allegation in the case” and that he and Taylor were engaged in an “consensual” private partnership, defining the allegation as a “cash grab.”

History of the two

Taylor, an elite gymnast from Memphis, first encountered Antonio Brown when they were teamed up as biblical-study associates in their university Fellowship for Christian Athlete Group in 2010, the complaint claims that she had been out of contact for several years before reconnecting to Facebook in 2017, when Brown recruited her to assist enhance flexibility and endurance in her wrists and fast-moving muscles.

Their arrangement involved Taylor traveling to Brown’s home in Pittsburgh and Miami, where he lived and coached during the offseason, the suit claims. The complaint alleges that the first event occurred in June 2017, when Antonio Brown revealed his penis to Taylor and kissed her without permission during a practice session in one of his residences in the Pittsburgh area.

Taylor, who had a long-term girlfriend, felt “highly awkward” by Antonio Brown’s strategy but “brushed off the episode” to maintain a competent connection, according to the suit.

Source: The Guardian


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