Democratic arena is allegedly narrowing as Trump opposes the press


Have we passed, in the twinkling of an eye, from two dozen democratic applicants to three?

Journalists have a genetic desire to do the State of the democratic Race after the Labor Day (in the past year!). Just to claim the primaries are unsettled is to risk losing your comment card. That’s why there’s a flurry of pronouncements about what will occur months before the Iowa Caucuses (which, as history has shown, can wrap everything up).

While President Trump is waiting to see who he is running against, he has flatly declared that on one level he already knows: “The Lame Stream Media has gone CRAZY! Our true adversary is not the Democrats, or the dwindling amount of Republicans who have lost their way and left behind, our main adversary is the Fake News Media. (These tweets were in reaction to (the Amazon Washington Post) stating that he had a horrible winter, giving a vibrant picture of the President as seen by Trump’s critics — incompetent, indecisive, intolerance and unsuccessful).

Perhaps, just maybe, Trump expects the press to be as his main opponent — because that possibly undermines alliterative charges like this — at least until he has a real Democratic competitor.

Politico argues that “the bottom is dropping out of the Democratic presidential primary. And the top-tier — not five applicants, but three — is becoming more and more insurmountable.

And here come the surveys: “Heading into the autumn, there are only three democratic candidates who poll above a single digit: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.” Ergo, the rest are toast.

About Kamala

Politico allows Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg to be in the “periphery” of the top ranks, but says Democratic strategists expect it to be highly unlikely that they will move forward.

Harris grew from 7 to 15 percent after her first debate on Biden, but now she went away to fairly much where she began as a democratic. And Mayor Pete, another early press favorite, has stopped for decades.

Beto, who achieved the stage where he dropped the F-bomb on CNN, is moving nowhere quickly after his original Vanity Fair hype.

One Democratic officer named Politico said that Kamala or Pete could move up only if Biden collapsed. And despite regular press predictions that he’ll do just that, Biden still has a double-digit lead that doesn’t differ from what he’s had as summer started.

Source: Fox News


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