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Trump’s arguments show that his presidency is really all about himself

President Trump's recent controversies. Does Trump only care about himself? Donald Trump’s recent arguments create his presidency sound more...

Democratic arena is allegedly narrowing as Trump opposes the press

Have we passed, in the twinkling of an eye, from two dozen democratic applicants to three? Journalists have a...

Did Trump just admit Russia helped him get elected?

President Donald Trump may have actually admitted what many claim to know for more than two years now: Russia helped elect him as president.

South Africa election: ANC in the lead

South Africa - With results declared in some 23% of districts, the ANC has won about 55% of the ballot, well...

Spain election: Socialists win; far-right party to debut in Parliament

The ruling socialist party of Spain won the most seats in the country's parliament by far. It does however need the support of smaller parties in order to stay in power.