Flights to take some refugees to the United States are cancelled


Flights for some refugees who have been allowed to travel to the United States have been revoked, according to sources acquainted with the issue.

The move triggered concern among resettlement agencies that reserved refugee travel to October, expecting the continued arrival of refugees in the coming fiscal year. It also has the ability to leave some refugees who have been allowed to return to the United States in limbo.

“It concerns me that our local offices have done a lot of work and started to make plans for these cases to come. It’s so atypical,” said Rachel Pollock, Director of Resettlement Services at the Catholic Bishops ‘ Conference of the United States, one of the nine resettlement agencies working with the State Department to provide refugees.

“No one really understands what’s coming or what’s supposed to occur. It seems like a further step back from what we’ve come to expect from this program,” Pollock said.

The International Organization for Migration, which is responsible for booking refugees on their travels, sent cancelation notices on Monday afternoon.


A notification from CNN involves a travel itinerary for people whose travel delayed for October and cancelled. The reason for cancelation showed: “Extension of the FY20 moratorium.” The notification does not provide an end date for the expansion.

The Office of the State Department for Population, Refugees and Migration has directed the International Organization for Migration to send notifications, according to the Department’s spokesperson, who has added the moratorium, to be extended by 21 October. The Department is collaborating with the organisation to rebook flights subject to the refugee admission cap for the fiscal year 2020.

In conclusion, Notices arrive at the heels of President Donald Trump’s advent at the United Nations General Assembly. Last year, Trump put the refugee cap at 30,000, the smallest rate since 1980. The administration has been approaching the cap as the fiscal year is drawing to a close. As of August 2019, according to information from the Refugee Processing Center, they introduced over 28,000 refugees to the United States.

Source: CNN


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