Health efforts of the UAE in the humanitarian aspect in Yemen


UAE put so much efforts in helping Yemen regarding health and humanity

The UAE has expanded more help to the health industry in Yemen by offering medical security against illnesses that trigger diarrhea in distant coastal cities northwest of the Tuhayta district of the Hodeida governorate.

The Emirates Red Crescent has lately provided Tuhayta clinics and health centers with drugs and vaccines to treat and combat an amount of epidemics that trigger serious diarrhea, which officials claim are on the increase, particularly among kids.

The act is in line with the UAE’s help for Yemen’s urgent reaction strategy to deal with the epidemic season, according to ERC representatives.

Local authorities praised the UAE’s important position in promoting the health industry, among others, in the directorate.

Meanwhile, the UAE dispatched a relief convoy loaded with 1,000 food baskets to help the residents of Zinjibar, the capital of the Abyan province of Yemen.

Subsequently, They distributed the aid to some 7,000 residents of the city under the direct supervision of the local authority.

Humanitarian supports are vital to Yemen

As a result, Khalid Ebrahim conveyed his appreciation and gratitude for the timely help provided by the UAE, stating that the ERC has always been the first to behave to help in the delivery of relief help and the adoption of growth initiatives in Abyan.

In addition, The Arab Alliance continues to provide humanitarian and relief support to the Yemeni people. The UAE recently pledged at the donors’ conference to help Yemen in Geneva to provide $500 million to Yemen during 2019, including the support of UN agencies and financing of stability programs. The first position of donors to Yemen amounted to (20.93) billion dirhams since the beginning of the war until 15/15/2019.

On the other hand, Providing food baskets, water and supplies such as shelter materials, blankets besides providing nurses and doctors to support displaced families in the West Coast areas, especially in the following areas: (Alkhokha – rugged – flies – Almushaj – Wadi Irfan – Muharraq – Tahitiya – solid – Alheima).

The Red Crescent and the health efforts

The Red Crescent team in Aden has equipped several mobile clinics in the liberated areas in Hodeidah, besides supporting humanitarian operations and providing primary health care to the residents of these areas. Inform them of mine clearance and awareness programs for the people of the liberated areas.

Above all, Continued dispatch of ships carrying tons of foodstuffs and large numbers of drug containers provided by the UAE Red Crescent to be distributed to Yemeni governorates.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has signed a partnership agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO) worth 55 million dirhams, which includes renovating hospitals and health centers in all Yemeni governorates.

Implementing complementary outreach activities against polio, measles, and others at a value of one million (752) thousand dollars.

The UAE supported cholera programs in all Yemeni governorates.

The Red Crescent Authority has signed an agreement to rehabilitate the sewerage network in Aden worth AED 3 million to replace old pumps, pipes and connections to reduce sewage overflow in the fight against cholera.

In conclusion, The Red Crescent Authority has launched the project of distributing school bags in the districts of Sahel Hadramout.The UAE has strengthened its support to the service sectors by completing three projects:

1. Opening an international road in a Hadramout governorate for 15 km.

2. Delivery of (5) batches of vehicles to the security forces in the province.

3. Opening of three schools in Al-Dhali governorate after completion of rehabilitation and maintenance.

Meanwhile, Mr. Saeed Al Ali, Director of the UAE Red Crescent Authority in Aden, has announced a new support for the Aden Electricity Corporation Similarly, rehabilitation of infrastructure and implementation of relief projects.

Source: Gulf and other sources


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