United States may track nuclear agreements prior to new negotiations

United States
United States may track nuclear agreements prior to new negotiations

United States must abide by the 2015 contract that restricted Iran’s nuclear activity in return for sanctions relief

Speaking Thursday during a trip to Malaysia, Zarif accused the United States of “taking part in economic terrorism against the individuals of Iran.”

President Donald Trump’s choice to resign from the 2015 agreement that Iran decided to after two years of discussions with the United States, the United Kingdom, China, France, Russia, Germany and the European Union.

“We haven’t left that system. We’re still sitting around the board with five other nations and the EU. The United States was the sixth country to quit,” Zarif said.  “So if he wants to go back to the room, there’s a ticket that they need to buy, and that ticket is to abide by the agreement.”

Trump was a strong critic of the nuclear agreement, stating that he was too friendly with Iran and that he left a prospective route to creating nuclear weapons too simple.  Iran has constantly argued that its nuclear program is only for peaceful reasons.

The United states statements

Earlier this week, Trump said that his administration would focus on not only prohibiting Iran from creating nuclear weapons but also putting boundaries on its ballistic missile program, which they did not include in the 2015 contract.  It also expects the steps to be in place for longer than the ten-year series laid down in the initial agreement.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that if he holds fresh discussions, Trump must “take the first move” and raise economic sanctions against Iran.

The two nations do not have diplomatic relations and, as they set out their roles in government speeches, both have said this week they are not looking to heighten tensions.

“We are not wanting a war with Iran,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper informed the Pentagon journalists on Wednesday. That accompanied Zarif’s remarks on Tuesday, saying that while Iran does not seek to intensify its differences with the United States, Iran thinks “we should permit every country to practice its own privileges under international law.”



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