The Rock marries Lauren Hashian, a longtime girlfriend


The knot was tied between the Rock and Hashian!

Yes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson disclosed he married Lauren Hashian at an intimate ceremony in Hawaii over the weekend. With this loving article on Instagram, Johnson and Hashian rendered their marriages public.

For over a century, Johnson and Hashian dated and shared two children together. Everyone would like to congratulate the blessed pair as they start this interesting fresh chapter in the life of their family!

The instagram Post

“We do. 18th of August 2019. Hawaii. Pōmaika jurisdictioni (holy), “he stated in the article. Johnson was carrying an all-white dress shirt and trousers, while Hashian was carrying a lengthy white ribbon dress holding on to an assorted bouquet of flowers. In Hawaii close the water, they celebrated their marriage.

In the same article, he marked his now-wife and his ex-wife’s sister, Hiran Garcia, who presently worked as the chairman of Seven Bucks Productions, the production company that was established by both Johnson and his ex-wife, Dany Garcia. Johnson divided friendly after a 10-year marriage from his ex-wife back in 2007, and the two stayed near as buddies.

Johnson was also congratulated by Hiran Garcia for his marriage.

In the comment section of both Johnson’s and Garcia’s article, many individuals online gave the pair congratulatory texts.

The two have two children together, according to CNN— two women, Jasmine, 3, and 16-month-old Tiana. Johnson also has a girl of 18, Simone, with Dany Garcia.

In 2012, Johnson said he regarded himself very fortunate to have discovered love twice in his lives during an interview with People. “I was so lucky that I once fell in love. To come back in love? It’s a difficult thing to do in the situation I’m in twice.

The news outlet revealed that Johnson frequently publishes his family pictures and the experiences they share on Instagram. In an interview with People, he outlined his friendship with Hashian’s biggest friendship.

Statements by the bride and the groom

He said so because they’re both able to hear each other giggle.

“She teases me first of all about everything. Everything. Nothing in our building is off-limited. And it’s its beauty. And with everything I tease her, “he said.

In July 2018, some individuals accused Johnson of having secretly married Hashian because he continued to refer to her as “his spouse.” He said he was in no hurry to meet Hashian during his interview with ET Online.

The singer and music producer also published lots of images of him, and Hashian communicated how much she liked him in an Instagram article on Johnson’s birthday.

Final statement

“Dear MM, every day,” Hashian wrote. I wake up gratefully every day… smiling, laughing at something you’ve said, or something that’s happening in our busy house now. Even life’s imperfections, the ups and downs, somehow create it all ideal. Because you want to develop, get better, acquire wisdom from all situations, and learn from them truly. These stuff you never end. You’re inspiring me. You have the GREATEST heart (and the greatest vocabulary) of anyone I know,” she wrote. “I saved the remainder of my emotions for myself”.


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