Iranian Groups in France Protest Zarif Visit, singing ‘ Kick Him Out ‘


Hundreds of Iranian people organized distinct meetings in Paris to protest the trip to France of Islamic Republic Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

The leaders of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) and royalists along with the secular republicans conducted two protests in the main fields of the French capital on Thursday and Friday 22-23 August Against the visit of the iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

Both protests were organized ahead of the G7 Summit, scheduled to begin in Biarritz, West France, on Saturday night, August 24.

The protesters chanted fiery slogans against the top diplomat of the Islamic Republic during the anti-Islamic Republic meeting at MKO’s Paris Square du Trocadéro.

“Kick Zarif out,” “Zarif is a terrorist, expel him,” read the MKO members ‘ flags.

In addition, a big flag was mounted on the city hall supporting Zarif’s visit by the Paris District 1 municipality. The banner read, “Iran’s mullahs and its foreign minister are violating our principles. We don’t welcome them.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of other displaced Iranians kept comparable meetings of protest steps back from the embassy of the Islamic Republic, close Trocadero square.

While accusing Zarif of being a “liar,” the protesters demanded that hundreds of political and human rights activists held behind bars in the clergy dominated Iran be released unconditionally and immediately.

Iranian overseas ministers also protested in Sweden against the visit of the Islamic Republic. Many accuse Zarif of being an apologist for centuries of violations of human and civil rights in Iran.

But Zarif, who isn’t a stranger to protest protests, attempted to speak to French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday evening, expecting to rescue the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or Tehran’s 2015 nuclear agreement with world forces that the United States fell out of in 2018. He subsequently defined the discussions as positive.

One intriguing twist was that Zarif published a picture of himself and Macron, subsequently recognized by opposition groups as an ancient 2017 picture. Apparently, no pictures were published by the French side.

Meanwhile, Macron met with world politicians and their officials in front of the Group of Seven Summit opening on Saturday in Biarritz’s south-western French town.


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