Sarajevo: A Place to Remember; An Adventure of a Lifetime!

Miljacka River, Old Town Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

World2Day – Sarajevo has always been an exciting intersection of important roads from Eastern to Western Europe, from the Mediterranean basin to Central Europe and vice versa. A city that, throughout different historical events, has for centuries been a shelter and crossroads of worlds, with routes to Istanbul, Zagreb, Cetinje – Belgrade, Vienna – Budapest and Jerusalem. Through history, Sarajevo become a bridge where the Orient and the West both clashed and merged at the same time.

The city itself blends flawlessly with its natural surroundings. It is bordered by hills on the north, and Mt. Trebevic on the south. The city plane stretches in the west, with the Bosna River sour at the foothill of Mt. Igman. Mountains Igman, Bjelašnica, Treskavica and Jahorina are all a stone’s throw away. Numerous records in travelogues are a testament to natural beauties of Sarajevo. The city is often described as “a gem among emeralds”, “magical pearl in a green oasis”, “most beautifully positioned city”.

Living in Sarajevo means living on different levels. This interwoven past and the present give a hyper-realistic texture to the city, as if you were walking through a postcard turned-alive. To visit Sarajevo is to witness the greatest sorrows and triumphs of civilization.

– Reif Larsen, writer

Walk along the Miljacka path and get to know the bridges of Sarajevo.

Since the establishment in 1462, Sarajevo was the seat of the province within the Ottoman Empire for over four centuries, monarchy seat of the Provincial Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Austro-Hungarian occupation, and since 1945 the capital of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1995, Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through natural landscapes and learn about the turbulent past of this heart shaped country in Europe. Spend 7 days in this amazing city and visit our capital’s Old Town Bascarsija. Learn about its Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, Yugoslav and modern rule.


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