Cheddar, the Brooklyn nine-nine star has died


The adorable dog, who starred as Cheddar in Brooklyn nine-nine has passed away. The corgi who was called Stewart was put to sleep few days ago as his owner confirmed.

Despite this

he spent the last few hours having a lot of fun with a trip to the beach.

In a heartbreaking post on Instagram, his owner wrote: “My precious Stewart crossed the rainbow bridge today. We went to the beach (his favourite place) where he frolicked in the surf and then enjoyed a picnic lunch of In & Out burgers. We relaxed in the sun and just enjoyed each other’s company. Our veterinarian met us there later and Stewart went to sleep peacefully in my arms while listening to the sounds of the ocean. He was a one in a million kind of dog, he was my supaah staah.”

The cute dog had a lot of loyal fans who loved watching him with his on-screen owner Captain Ray Holt.

Throughout the years, Cheddar has been played by a number of different Corgis, but he was the longest-serving pooch.

A fan wrote on a social media platform: “My heart hurts. Stewart, the dog who played Cheddar on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, just passed away yesterday. RIP to the goodest boy there ever was. You were never just some common bitch.”

Another fan wrote: “Stewart, who played Cheddar in Brooklyn Nine-Nine died recently. He was one of my fave TV doggos.”

Trainer Michael W. Miliotti said: “Stewart is not necessarily one of our full-time movie dogs, so he works when he needs to work, but he’s not always working. So when he does get on set, it’s a fine line of keeping him under control and un-clownish, because he does feed off the energy of the set, so if he does make a mistake and there’s a reaction, he will make the mistake over and over again just because he can get the laugh.”


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