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Social methods in UK explored by UAE businesswomen

UAE female entrepreneurs during their latest trip to the United Kingdom at a social teaching meeting. Recently, as many as...

The connections between charity and Qatar (QCQ) agitate concerns

QCQ is using Charity to promote unethical goals The watchdog of charities issued a warning about a British charity...

AlQaradawy’s application is to be banned

AlQaradawy is banned in many countries Recently, Google decided to ban an application founded by AlQaradawy called “Euro...

Darroch, the UK ambassador, quits after Johnson remarks

UK ambassador, Sir Kim Darroch who has been the center of a diplomatic crisis due to leaked cables criticizing the U.S president,...

China demands a proper explanation from FedEx on Huawei

After PC Magazine, a popular American computer magazine, said that FedEx refused to send the device, FedEx had apologized suggesting that it was an "operational mistake."

UK’s MI5 accused of mismanaging mass surveillance data

In High Court, UK domestic counter-intelligence service MI5 was charged with violating data collection and storage privileges by storing information from private citizens in bulk without adequate protection.

Chagos Islands dispute: UN votes against British control

The 193 member states of the UN on Wednesday voted for the UK to hand over control of the Chagos islands to Mauritius "as soon as possible".

May reaches out to Corbyn in an attempt to break Brexit...

The two leaders, who have fought fiercely for months over the future of Britain, are now attempting to make a deal that can then be negotiated with the rest of the EU.