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Snowden suggests he’d like to go back to the US if...

Edward Snowden is keen on moving back to the US Edward Snowden, who has been living in exile in...

Toronto Urged to Cancel Smart City Project by Google

The Quayside "Smart City" project in Toronto, Canada continues to face criticism from supporters for privacy and current and former employees

An Intelligence officer reveals a big Turkish-Qatari scandal

Trusted Turkish intelligence sources disclosed files on the Palestinian prisoner Zaki Hassan's "assassination"

Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was a CIA informant

Kim Jong Un's half-brother worked as a CIA informant before being assassinated in 2017 at a Malaysian airport, according to a Monday report.

Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina: ‘I Destroyed My Own Life’

The prison term was what the Justice Department requested for Butina, though she’ll spend closer to nine months behind bars thanks to time already served in jail.