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What is the real reason behind withdrawal of US military forces...

U.S. amphibious hovercraft departs with evacuees from Janzur, west of Tripoli, Libya
Last Sunday, the US military announced that it will temporarily withdraw its troops stationed in Libya without disclosing the number

Julian Assange faces US hacking conspiracy charge

In an indictment revealed this morning, U.S. authorities alleged that Assange conspired with former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to steal and publish large amounts of classified documents.

Florida man finds mother’s body in backyard while renovating childhood home

Michael and Bonnie Haim had been having marital problems, and he has long been a prime suspect in the case, his defense attorney Janis Warren said in her opening remarks.

Trump blasts Mueller investigation as ‘attempted coup’

President Donald Trump blasted the investigation into Russian election interference and obstruction of justice as “an attempted coup” against his presidency.

Beto O’Rourke says Benjamin Netanyahu is a ‘Racist’

His comments come just one day after President Trump played up his pro-Israel agenda in a speech before an influential conservative Jewish group.

At least 5 people, 2 children, shot at family gathering in...

At least five people, including two children, were shot and wounded Saturday at a family gathering in Chicago