Stumbling Thunder can’t get out of playoffs loom


Dennis Schroder can’t recognize what’s wrong. Russell Westbrook keeps silent about it. Paul George believes locker-room is the best place to keep in.

However, the season of the team is falling apart despite optimism, promise & MVP candidacy for George which forces Oklahoma City Thunder to come with answers up to the reason why things gone south drastically.

Vortex separating hapless brigade below & playoff teams of Western Conference hides fact that Thunder, 7-14won’t have their hearts broken since Valentine’s Day by missing postseason.

“Next question”, owners of a dire 3-17 went into game when asked why Thunder have severely dipped, after the lose of at home last Sunday to Dallas Mavericks.

Before form of Oklahoma City faded, they sat behind second-place Denver Nuggets just two games in February seemed to have chance of collecting a prime playoff seed & every chance to overtake them. Decision of last summer to trust franchise besides partnership with Westbrook through spurning  a meeting with LA Lakers looked justified with expected progress.

Instead, Golden State Warriors lined Thunder up for a first-round meeting which is considered a tough opponent for a team in order to operate at full capacity.

Capitulation of Lakers had superstar cach since All-Star break corresponded with frustration of LeBron James while problems of Boston Celtics have been frequently vocalized.

“I think that’s among this locker room. Everyone here believes in everyone. We have just got to step up”

Thunder are defensively that is an attribute in playoffs. However, Thunders have forgotten scoring.

MVP race is between James Harden & Giannis Antetokounmpo Harden a good back besides offensive numbers of George have tailed off after a spectacular middle of season.

Steven Adams has been overused seems to have lost a step while Westbrook racks triple doubles up for fun.


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