NFL’s selective morality revealed by Super Bowl MVP “Julian Edelman”


Why PED suspension of New England Patriot was not discussed despite he was crucial?!

Julian Edelman, is not only the MVP of this year’s thoroughly un-super Super Bowl bust also a New England Patriot after he came second only behind Jerry Rice in postseason receptions.

During The Deflategate sega, Julian infraction was not on spot as Tom Brady did. However, he’s fallen foul of the NFL’s rulemakers in true Patriots fashion.

The performance of Julian in Sunday’s super Bowl was fantastic. Especially when it comes from a player missed last season with a torn ACL. 141 receiving yards were picked up by Edelman besides 8 first downs. whenever a drive stuttered, Brady seemed to aim for him caughting 10 of the 12 passes thrown his way.

The first four games of this season witnessed the suspension of Edelman after violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drugs policy although the exact results of what he tested positive are not made public.

“I’m very sorry – I don’t know what happened. I’ve taken many, many tests obviously over the course of my career, and nothing like this has ever happened”, Edelman pleaded on Insagram.

Edelman’s srories deserve to excist among other celebrated Super Bowl champions’ heartwarming stories when Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis ended his career with a Super Bowl victory in 2013, neglecting reports that assures he took performance-enhancing substances in to recover from a serious injury.

Peyton Manning remains a figure in media with untarnished reputation that he used HGH (it should be noted that, in contradiction with Edelman, Lewis and Manning never failed tests for PEDs).

USA Today published an article about PED suspension of Edelman. After comparing punishment of Edelman’s 4 games with those handed by Major League Baseball, Nancy Armour concluded that its accepted to use performance-enhancing drugs on some level because NFL players are super-human gladiators not as human beings.

“We don’t even bat an eye at NFL players who dope. Rarely does a month go by without a player drawing a four-game suspension for PEDs, yet the announcement draws as much attention as the endless shuffles of the practice squad”.

This conditions don’t apply on Edelman. So, he already served the punishment he was given returning to play admirably on the game’s biggest stage. However, its considered an opportunity to stop thinking about how we judge the actions of players.