World Cup is overshadowing the Mediterranean Games


The recent weeks have been witnessing several significant world events. Despite the fact that FIFA has been in every head news and headlines in the world, however there is another significant event going on with a lot of great talented that should not be ignored or underestimated.

What are The Mediterranean Games

The Mediterranean Games are a series of multisport competition which is organized within the Olympic movement. Like the world cup and the Olympic Games, it is organized every four years and it is considered the second most significant physical game series after the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Committees of each of the countries of the members participating determines the participation. Finally, twenty two countries enter the competition.

The first Mediterranean game was held back in 1951 in Alexandria. And after almost half a century of existence the games now mark their eighteenth existence.

Tarragona, in northwestern Spain, will handle the games which will be held from the period of 22 June to 1 July 2018 in 16 municipalities of its territory, featuring 33 sports activities.

Egypt, Greece, Algeria and many other countries have been ones of the participating cities in the championship, and even though the world cup has overshadowed the entire games, but the performance of those countries representatives shouldn’t be disregarded.

Highlighted Achievements

Although Italy still has a very obvious lead in the swimming medal table, however, other countries have stepped up their game on the second day to put themselves on the board. With one day of swimming competition remaining, Greece jumped ahead of Serbia to hold the third place.

For Greece it has been a good year also for Greek athlete Christou Apostolos who topped the men’s 100 meter backstroke podium, earning the gold in a solid 54.68. On its way, Greece picked up another gold in the form of Kristian Gkolomeev‘s win in the 50m fly.

For Egypt, Abdelrahman Elaraby touched in 23.69 for silver, just .05 ahead Piero Coda from Italy. Coda won the men’s 100m fly gold medal on the first day. Also, Egypt’s Farida Osman fired off a new record in the women’s 50m fly, clocking 25.48 to represent the sole swimmer under the 26 second threshold. Touching the wall in 26.21 was Italy’s 100m fly winner from last night, Elena Di Liddo, while Marie Wattel from France claimed bronze in 26.48.

There was a surprise winner in the men’s 100m freestyle, as Ossama Sahnoune of Algeria surged to the wall first in a new national record. The 25 year old touched in 48.00, a mark which overtook his own previous personal best and NR of 48.33 set at last year’s World Championships.

It is very crucial to understand and comprehend the difference between the Mediterranean games and any other game series; It does not depend solely on proficiency and skills, the games initially relies on harmony and synchronization.

What is extremely special about what the organizers of Mediterranean games is doing is their collaboration with the Red Cross the spread the basic fundamental values and ethics of sports and solidarity in sports.