Are online companies using the way we feel?


Our competitive advantage as a species is our brain and our mind. While this magnificent brain has the robust power to ask millions of questions, however, unfortunately it does not have the processing power to answer all of them. So what we do? We seek authority or some right answer from a defined being. You put whatever question you have in your mind in that query box that appears when you open Google, and you imagine your name and face above everything you have put in the box and you are going to realize that you actually trust Google more than any other entity in your life.

Well this is how Google manipulates our minds into needing it. But what about our emotions? One of the things that we human being needs is to be loved, but more importantly is the need to love others. And this is when Facebook comes in. Researchers have found that children with poor nutrition but more affection have better outcome than children with good nutrition but no affection.


Facebook taps into our instinctive need not only to be loved but also to love others. Facebook does so mostly through pictures and statements that creates empathy and compassion and through images that catalyze and reinforce our relationships.


Other successful online businesses manipulate mankind through the lifestyle and concept of more for less. They manage to convince you that the penalty of having too little is much greater than the penalty of having too much. Even though researchers have proven that each cupboard and wardrobe has roughly 50 more times to what an actual family needs, however you will be thinking that whatever you are having is not enough.


So companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook have managed to breach the wall of who we are and our attributes and what we believe in. They re-assembled who we are in the form of profit companies.


The combined market capitalization of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google is now equivalent to the GDP of India and is continuing to grow. How did these four companies come to infiltrate our lives so completely? It is through shared insights and the eye-opening truth about their dominance and motivation and their squeezing in into our lives and our emotions.


We humans tend to project human traits on non-human entities. We like to believe that a company has a conscious, empathy or anything like that. In fact, a company is a machine that optimizes any process.