“Incredible Hulk Comet” maybe visible tonight


Some people dub it as the “incredible Hulk comet” basically A huge, green tinge comet is currently sprinting its way through the night sky. According to Sky and Telescope magazine , Today (August 7), the celestial object will make its closest approach towards the earth. This is said to be the first time ever for a comet to come into the inner solar system.

The comet was discovered on Dec. 23,2017, by the PANSTARRS telescope in Haleakala, Hawaii. The object is officially known by the name C/2017 S3. It has already given surprising treats to  some skywatchers due to the bright bursts exploding from its surface twice in close succession, first being on June 30 and then two weeks later, Sky and Telescope reported. As Hulk might say himself say , “Comet flash!”

The outburst caused by comets are known to be common however the exact cause of it is unknown. Scientist, for many years though that these outbursts were triggered when a comet left its frigid home out beyond pluto and plunged towards the sun and  in turn causes the surface to heat up and create pressure buildup that led to geyser- like explosions. But according to Rosetta spacecrafts close observation of Comet 67P have instead said that the landslides slipping around on the comet’s steep-sloped surface kick up dust and other material that fly into space, Space.com.

few reports  have quoted a Russian scientist as claiming that the jolly green comet will cause some sort of apocalyptic upheaval on Earth. leading to no danger, C/2017 S3 is far more benign than it seems. Astronomer Stanislav Short says that the comet is harmless and objects like these pass by our planet all the time.

“Right now the comet is too close to the sun to be visible, but it may be visible later in August after it rounds the sun and comes around again”, says Paul Chodas, the manager for the center for the Near -Earth Object Studies at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.