Turkey: What does the Re-Winning of Erdogan Mean?


During the past two days, the Turkish President Ragab Tayyip Erdogan has been announced by the Turkish election committee to have officially won the re-election yet again the presidential elections which is now marking a very critical turn for the Turkish people because of the fact that he now becomes the first executive president for Turkey.

The president has won by a majority of votes reaching 52.7% from the total eligible Turkish voters, which were a portion of a total percentage of 87% who actually voted according to Turkish election sources.

This winning of the presidential elections does not just mean another period for the Turkish president. It also means he now has new and expanded powers because of changes to the constitution approved in last year’s referendum, thus meaning that he now has an official political authority given to him by the Turkish people to make some amends in the political regime in the country for the first time ever since the Turkish Republic started by Mostafa Kamel Atatork ninety years ago. The president will now be able to issue decrees as well as point or remove government ministers, civil servants and even judges.

The president has commented in a speech saying that, “although the country have faced resistance in the last sixty years, however we have achieved what was once impossible to even dream of from democracy to economy.”

Erdogan has come a long way and gone through several stages since he started as a young political activist until he reached the title of mayor of Istanbul with a high reputation of efficiency.


Turkey has been transformed by new construction projects, electricity has reached poor areas and a lot of the Turkish people in general acknowledge that the economy has boomed significantly and the living standard of many people has been improved. However his system has been also highly criticized in some times such as in the famous handling of protests in 2013; he also survived an attempt to kill him before.


This result however means a lot to both Turkey and for Europe; Europe in particular was not in favor of the new system and they had heavy criticism due to the state of emergency and they even question accuracy of the election. Even in Turkey itself some critics fear that Erdogan heading to an absolute rule is certainly not a good thing, even though an opposition candidate appears had already run Mr Erdogan close in the polls to the surprise of many.