Europe: President of France Meets with Pope Francis


Just recently the French President Emmanuel Macron has been working hard and hoping to mend ties with the Catholic Church. He met with Pope Francis and he was accompanied in the public parts of the meeting by his wife Brigitte.

on Tuesday in a very one of a kind and rather unusual meeting where they both discussed several extremely crucial and diverse issues such as the status of Europe, the recent developments in migration and the European solution to this migration crisis and also they discussed poverty situations.

The meeting conducted among the two parties lasted for nearly an hour and it took place in the official papal library in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace. It is worth mentioning that the time spent in this meeting is about twice as long as the Pope Francis usually spends with any of the heads of the state or the government representatives.

Moreover the Vatican has released a statement about the meeting releasing that they discussed important social and economic issues and issues that matter to the public such as discussing the protection of the environment and also talked about multilateral commitment to attempt to prevent and detain conflict and work on resolution, especially in relation to disarmament.

But the conversation was not limited to Europe and the western world; they also spoke about prospects for resolving conflicts in the far Middle East and in Africa where the talk between the two of them included an exchange of views on the various situations of conflict in the Middle East and in Africa. This is besides discussing the future of Europe as a top priority and there was a joint reflection on the prospects of the European project.

President Macron had described his meeting with the Pope as an extremely rich and intense one. He had given the Pope his own insights regarding the progressive way to handle the migrant crisis which was through a true policy of development for Africa.

At the end of the private part of the audience, president Macron had given Pope Francis a special gift which is a rare copy of Georges Bernanos book released in 1936 with the title “Diary of a Country Priest”.

The pope had told Macron that this book gave him great pleasure as he has read this book many times and it has done him a lot of good. It is a book that he had always treasured very much.