US Central hit by an epic bomb cyclone with heavy winds & snow; Colorado trooper killed

US Central hit by an epic bomb cyclone with heavy winds & snow; Colorado trooper killed

On Wednesday, Bomb cyclone caused a mix of wind, snow & rain across central US blaming for a crash which killed a Patrol trooper in Colorado State.

1,300 flights were canceled at Denver International Airport because of a wind gust of 80 mph. Runways at airport were closed from early afternoon till the evening.

Alerts | Denver International Airport

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According to, 3,000 flights were canceled across US.

111,000 residents in Denver-area were without power, last Wednesday down 246,000 in afternoon. Schools closed, Interstates shut down & lots of businesses declared a snow day.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced a state of emergency activating state national guard for rescue & search missions.

Cpl. Daniel Groves was killed after a driver lost control of his vehicle on Interstate 76 in storm that hit him.

Another driver was rescued because of groves after sliding off highway.

Nebraska State Patrol also closed Interstate 80 from Wyoming border east to North Platte besides highways in Nebraska Panhandle.

Flooding evacuations were ordered includes Belgrade & Cedar Rapids.

“This is a very epic cyclone. We’re looking at something that will go down in the history books”

According to National Weather Service , storm will pull away from Colorado slowly after being dropped 4 & 10 inches across most of northeast plains of US.

They predicted a blizzard, and that’s what we’re having. They told us to clear a path, but it’s just gonna get snowed over again. While not a tropical system, winds will rival what’s seen in a Category 1 hurricane”