Smuggling Qatari currency to Houthis is prevented for the second time in Yemen


Qatari currencies were found  by security forces in a warehouses related to the Houthis as a part of smuggling process into Yemen.

Last year, security forces of Yemen failed smuggling $ 2 million & 610 thousand dollars before reaching Sanaa hidden inside a bag of clothes on board a car branded (Hailux).







On the other hand, government forces are having a fierce fighting with Houthi rebels after blowing up  home of the tribal sheikh AbdulJaleel Al Hothaiyfi in province of Dalea who supports the government by collaborating with the Saudi-led coalition.

According to Ali Al Asmar, its the first time for Houthis to enter Al Hasha district since the beginning of Yemen civil war in 2014 only to destroy Al Makla village as a punishment for standing beside legitimacy.

“The Houthis forced the family of Sheikh Al Hothaiyfi to flee the house, blew it up with TNT and burnt his car,” cited by Ali Al Asmar to The National.