Qatar presented a new gift to the list of luxury gifts given to Turkish President Erdogan


A Qatari-owned company called BMC sent a luxury bus to the Turkish presidency after the luxury aircraft had received from the Emir of Qatar 5 months ago.

The bus holds the slogan of the Republic Presidency of Turkey from the BOD members of Talib Uztürk and Taha Yassin Uztrk.

Oztrak family owns 25% of BMC besides 25% owned by businessman close to Erdogan in addition to 49.9% of the shares owned by the Qatari Armed Forces.

BMC sparked controversy in Turkey after giving Erdogan the right to use a 20-billion-dollar government tank factory.

5 months ago, Qatar Prince Tamim bin Hamad gave President Erdugan Boeing 747-8 aircraft, landed in Sabiha airport in Istanbul before joining the presidential aircraft fleet.