Initiative of Tolerance is launched in UAE by Abdullah bin Zayed


Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of Supreme National Committee for the Year of Tolerance, launched the “Zayed Commitment for Tolerance” initiative to consolidate values of tolerance & coexistence established by late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in UAE community.

His Highness tweeted;

“We pledge to promote Zayed’s values of tolerance in our society”

عبدالله بن زايد on Twitter

لنتعهد بتعزيز قيم زايد للتسامح في مجتمعنا #تعهد_زايد_للتسامح

Zayed’s commitment to tolerance contributes to a clear picture of tolerance inherent in UAE culture & values ​​of its citizens.

It also promotes social solidarity & cultural communication by sending a message from UAE community to the world, promoting tolerance in addition to celebrating diversity besides pluralism in harmony and peace.

He called on all sectors of society in UAE to participate in the initiative, whether in institutions, schools & universities.

Zayed Commitment to Tolerance reaffirms UAE’s position as a global capital of tolerance that enhance value of tolerance as an extension of approach late founding father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in addition to a sustained social movement aimed at deepening values of tolerance, dialogue, tolerance besides openness to different cultures that highlights UAE society, diversity & pluralism by hosting 200 nationalities subject to laws that guarantee justice, respect and equality.

Expatriates interacted inside & outside UAE on networking sites, with the call of His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation to make a pledge that promote Zayed values of tolerance.

Nada Al-Shaibani expressed her pride in a tweet;

“We pledge to promote Zayed values of tolerance in our society, tolerance in homeland of tolerance, radiance of light globally, radiance of love to all groups of society, & better radiance than children of Zayed, the good of every human being on our planet”

ندى الشيباني on Twitter

نتعهد بتعزيز قيم زايد للتسامح في مجتمعنا 🌟 التسامح في وطن التسامح إشعاع نور لكل العالم 🌟إشعاع محبة لكل فئات المجتمع🌟وإشعاع خير من عيال زايد الخير لكل انسان على كوكبنا 🌟 #تعهد_زايد_للتسامح

Dr Ali Bin Tamim, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Media also tweeted;

“We pledge to remain faithful & faithful to values of tolerance established by our founding father to make them an authentic UAE message besides a living heritage for generations beyond us”

علي بن تميم on Twitter

نتعهد في أبوظبي للإعلام بأن نظل مخلصين أمناء لقيم التسامح التي أرساها الأب المؤسس وجعلها رسالة إماراتية أصيلة وإرثاً حياً للأجيال من بعدنا.. بالتسامح نحيا وبالتسامح نزدهر وبالتسامح يسمو الحوار وترتقي لغة الإعلام وتنجلي الآفاق وتقصر المسافات #تعهد_زايد_للتسامح

According to Abdul Rahim Al-Batih;

“We pledge our loyalty to values of tolerance established by the founding father to be a proud & proud heritage of national media based on credibility and objectivity”

عبدالرحيم البطيح on Twitter

تعهد_زايد_للتسامح نتعهد بالإخلاص لقيم التسامح التي أرساها الأب المؤسس لنكون إرثاً بهيا وزاهرا للاعلام الوطني المبني على المصداقية والموضوعية.