7 Interesting facts about water


Water is considered one the rare qualities needed for life on Earth. It exists  in all living things, whether they live at dry deserts or at the bottom of ocean.

Life on Earth is only possible because of water. Astrobiologists (scientists specialized in searching for life on planets) believe that finding water is our best bet to live on other planets.

  • Oceans occupy almost occupy the majority of water on Earth

Oceans that cover 71 % of our planet’s surface, occupy 96.5 % of water on Earth. If that amount of water had been gathered & fell as rain at once, Earth will get 1 inch of rain.

Almost all the water of Earth found in the oceans are saline. Small amount is actually freshwater available to sustain human, animal life & plant.

  • Water exists in three states

All substances physically exists in solid state. However, Water  exists in an unusual forms, solid, liquid & gas.

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  • Where freshwater exists

Fresh water occupies 3.5% of Earth’s water with few salts in it. Fresh water can be found in lakes, rivers, streams in addition to groundwater & glaciers. Ice & glaciers occupy 68 % of Earth’s freshwater besides 30% locates in groundwater.

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How much water is there on Earth, from the USGS Water Science School

How much water is there on Earth, from the U.S. Geological Survey’s Water Science School site; it is all about water.

  • One drop of water is a source of living for many creatures

A single drop of ocean water have millions of bacteria and viruses in addition to plankton, small worms, baby crabs & fish eggs.

  • Comets are source of water

Comets made a big contribution in filling the oceans in the first space within the rocky material that formed Earth. Comets are are mostly water ice that played a vital rule in delivering water to Earth.

Thirsty? Have a comet! | NASA Space Place – NASA Science for Kids

Could they have brought the water to our planet?

  • The floating of ice is a miracle

According to science,when atoms get closer together, they become denser that form a solid eventually sinks in water. However, ice is a less dense solid formed as a result of water molecules form rings when water freezes. That’s amazing because if ice sinks, oceans will freeze solid.

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The reason why ice floats

Ice floats- that’s why the ocean has polar ice and icebergs, and why the ice in your drink floats. If you think about it, it might seem a bit strange because ice is a solid and intuitively, it should be heavier than a liquid and sink.

  • Most of our bodies are water

Water is involved in our body. Its existence in blood helps in regulating our body’s temperature, getting rid of wastes, bringing nutrients to all our cells in addition to acting as a shock absorbent for our spinal cord & brain.