How to develop self-esteem & confidence of your child?

How to develop self-esteem & confidence of your child?

Mental health of your child, self-reliance and self-confidence is one of the most important factors that build the personality of children, and then develop self-esteem in them.

Here are the basics to predict this information and follow these methods with your child.

It is important to be aware that child is in constant search for love & compassion. Your child will feel safe, tender and beautiful withing your hugs. Therefore, he is constantly thinking about you without thinking to reassure his heart. Trust that your kindness and love are essential to your child’s self esteem and respect.

How love helps your child to succeed?

  1. Helps mental condition of child to be well-being
  2. Makes child healthier physically
  3. Increases brain development & memory of child
  4. Creates a stronger bond between child & parent

How to show your love to children?!

  1. For younger children, parents need to show this affection physically through cuddling, hugging & holding children
  2. Playing mutual games to show love and affection
  3. For toddlers, hold their hands while they walk to make them feel safer
  4. For older children, use non-physical ways through paying attention, celebrating important moments in their lives & kissing them good night before bed.

  • Acquisition and development of skills

Be the first encouragement for your child, and look for the hidden skills that he likes to face without forcing him to do things you prefer.

So do not ever try to justify your son with negative qualities that harm his mental health, such as in the case of failure or decline in educational level, or even when not succeed in achieving creativity or skill.

Acquiring and developing skills are necessary steps to achieve your child’s self-esteem.

5 main areas develop Children skills;

  1. Fine Motor Skill Development
  2. Social and Emotional Development
  3. Speech and Language Development
  4. Cognitive Development
  5. Gross Motor Skill Development

How to develop early language of your child?

  1. Talking with child
  2. Responding to child
  3. Reading with baby

  • Communication and dialogue

Relationship between parents & child greatly influences his self-esteem. It is essential for success of this process that dialogue be the master of situation between them. It is important that parents explain to their child all questions in his head & to find them ready at any time to guide him towards right things. Which is still hesitant in front of them, communication & dialogue increase understanding of young child & make him more soft in future towards choices that he must resolve.