6 Dangerous Habits that Damage Brain To Stop Immediately


Of course, we want to shut our brains off in awhile with some mindless TV watching, a couple of glasses of wine & a few extra hours of sleep.

However, specific life choices significantly threaten health of brains even when connection is not clear.

Habits which block brains important nutrients or even kill cells of the brain, risk us with mental disorders as anxiety, depression in addition to physical ailments as epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s & stroke.

Physical brain can still suffers even if mind rests.

Diet & lifestyle calm brain activity during mental disorders increase as a a result of genetics.

Here are 6 dangerous habits damage brain;

  • Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you skip it, levels of blood sugar will decrease besides causing severe damage to brain which consumes energy taking 20% of total available glucose in body system up daily. 2/3 of energy budget related to the brain is used for helping neurons fire signals off to rest of the body. Remaining 1/3 is designated to care & for cellular maintenance.

  • Sleep Deprivation

Not getting enough sleep makes you feel forgetful & sluggish the next day. That’s because insufficient sleep steals neurons of ability to function properly leading to mental lapses that affect relationships & work. However, your reflexes & senses are dulled that make it seems you’ll have a dangerous accident.

  • Overeating

Researches revealed a connection between dementia & obesity for unclear reasons. However, researchers expect that obesity occurs when eating a food with no sufficient nutrition which lead to desire to overeat to match need for vitamins & minerals of our bodies.

  • Smoking

Smoking damages neural viability & in areas of brain which manage coordination, balance, gross & fine motor skill. Smoking also thins the cortex responsible for processing memory, perception & language.

  • Dehydration

70% of our body is water which means, water is critical to every bodily function includes brain function. Effect of dehydration on brain happens quickly. Only two hours of heavy exercise without drinking water causes cognitive decline besides impacting functions as coordination, attention & complex problem-solving.

  • Too Much Sugar

Our brain & body needs sugar to function. However, if our diets include too much of it, brain cells will be in chronic inflammation state that impacts ability of body to absorb nutrients from food then starvation begins in the brain of what it needs for optimal cognition. Hippocampus & dementia will affect region manages memory in the brain.