10,000 steps of walking daily decorates your health

10,000 steps of walking daily decorates your health

Are You Sitting Too Much?

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If a fitness tracker as Fitbit is missed or gym is not affordable, 10000 steps daily works.

However, why number 10,000 specifically is highly recommended?! What’s the effect of those 10000 steps on the body?!

In 1960s, Japanese pedometers popularized 10,000 steps under name “manpo-kei,” that means “10,000 steps meter.

What About 10,000 Steps a Day? – UC Davis Integrative Medicine

This is the third article in our series devoted to exercise and how physical activity can add to the benefits of a whole food plant-based lifestyle. As discussed in Part One and Part Two of our exercise series, daily physical activity is more important than hitting the gym.

According to chief wellness officer at Cleveland Clinic,  Michael Roizen, nowadays, walking 10,000 steps daily is popular as researches shown has shown coupled with healthy behaviors lead to declining in chronic illness as heart disease, diabetes & metabolic syndromes.

“If you look at it, if everyone did just 10,000 steps a day in America we would probably decrease healthcare budget by $500 billion a year and that shows how few people actually do it, and two how big a reduction in chronic disease we’d have if more did”, wrote by Roizen, author of Living longer without running out of money or breaking a hip

10,000 steps daily is highly recommended by Centers for Disease and Control doesn’t specifically suggesting practicing  150 minutes of moderate activity/week (30 minutes daily) coupled with two days of muscle-strengthening activity.

Physical Activity Basics | Physical Activity | CDC

How much physical activity do you need? Learn more…

US citizens should reduce sedentary time besides practicing physical activity that will benefit health. Adults aim for 150 minutes/week wil walk 7,500 steps daily.

“So, taking that standpoint,10,000 steps represents that highest level in most adults. It’s that do more than what is recommended and you will see further benefits to your health”

Postal workers in Scotland, Glasgow walking 15,000 steps daily had fewer risk for heart disease than colleagues sitting throughout the day.

However, a published study in International Journal of Obesity recommend 15,000 daily for a better performance.

Whether you walk 8,000 or 13,000 steps daily, it’s all about to get moving.

“Most people get started with a program and miss a week because of life and then they quit. Monitors keep people motivated enough so they go back to a physical activity program and meet their goals”

If you think 10000 steps are difficult to do or needs more time, you absolutely wrong.

  • Whether you are going to grocery store, at work, parking vehicles, eventually you you get additional steps
  • 5-10 minutes/hour daily at work to prevent being sedentary for for long time

“Get up and move to break up the sedentary time, and that may be just as important as 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day”

Amazing Health Benefits of Walking

This video is on the great benefits of Walking. It is a popular and simple exercise that most people can do with ease. From making you happier to longer life, there are plenty more great reasons to start walking today! If you enjoyed this video why not Subscribe, Share or like it!

For those who already walk 10,000 steps daily, should increase amount of steps/day gradually.

“If you are sedentary the whole goal of the physical activity guideline is to reduce sedentary time. If you are sitting there behind a desk it’s best for you to start low in the 4,000 – 3,000 range, which is actually higher than what most sedentary people get for physical activity. The goal is just to do four steps more today than you did yesterday. This is a hazard with guys more than women where they say ‘I felt so good I did 4,000 steps more than I did yesterday, or than I did in the last 10 years,’ an they injure themselves of develop pain because they went so far, so fast”

The Exact Number of Steps You Should Walk Everyday to Lose Weight

Lack of physical activity is fourth on the list of factors that contribute to death worldwide. (8) The good news is that you don’t need to go to the gym or come up with an intense exercise routine. Walking is probably the easiest form of physical activity that you can do.