US Senate approves bill punishing Syria and oppose boycotting Israel


US Senate has passed a bill to impose sanctions on Syria and its allies, as well as measures to sanction companies engaged in campaigns to boycott Israel.

The draft law “Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East“, proposed by the Republican majority leader in the US Senate Mitch McConnell, the support of 77 senators against 23 votes against.

The law provides sanctions against the Syrian government and countries supported by Iran and Russia in fields of energy, business, air transport or aircraft parts supplied by Syrian airline companies or those involved in construction and engineering projects carried out by Syrian government or supporting the industry of Energy in Syria. It also provides the imposition of new sanctions on any person or entity dealing with or providing financing to Syrian government.

The document instructs the Treasury Department to decide whether or not the Syrian Central Bank is involved in money laundering and sanctions.

The draft resolution contains an amendment endorsed by the Senate earlier, requiring Trump to “make sure” of the defeat of “calling” final before the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

Protect Israel from the boycott efforts

In the Israeli part of the document, the text presented by Republican Senator Marco Rubio aims to “fight” the global movement “BDS” calling for the boycott of Israel economically, culturally and scientifically in protest against its occupation of the Palestinian territories.

This provision would allow “a local government or administration to adopt measures to withdraw funds from entities that resort to boycotts, withdraw investments or sanctions to influence Israel’s policies.”

The bill must now be submitted to the House of Representatives, where some Democrats have expressed opposition to it, considering that the boycott is a “constitutional” right.

The law includes increased security assistance to Israel, which will receive military support estimated at $ 3.3 billion annually, as well as expanding military cooperation with Jordan.