On Forbes’ list, New York Knicks still the most valuable team in NBA although their league’s worst overall record


With no (playoffs since 2013, conference finals for 8 years, NBA finals for 18 years, title since 1973), yet, New York Knicks still the most valuable team in NBA according to the recent team valuations released by Forbes with $4 billion estimated Knicks. Currently, own the league’s worst overall record at 10-43.

In second place on the list, LeBron James-led Los Angeles Lakers comes at $3.7 billion followed by the two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors at $3.5 billion in addition to Chicago Bulls at $2.9 billion besides Boston Celtics at $2.8 billion.

New Orleans which deals with an Anthony Davis trade request is No. 29 at $1.22 billion & Memphis is 30th at $1.2 billion with possibility to trade Marc Gasol and Mike Conley before Thursday’s deadline.

The value of Philadelphia increased from $1.18 billion a year ago to $1.65 billion.

Across the board, team valuations are up with the average team worth $1.9 million, up from $1.65 billion last year. The average team was worth $634 million just 5 years ago.

The value of Knicks increased 11% from last year due to a series of new revenue streams produced from a $1 billion renovation of Madison Square Garden, completed in 2013.