Congressmen can’t tolerate Qatar’s funding to terrorism anymore


A group of Congressmen (Roger Marshall, R-Kan, Warren Davidson, Jack Bergman, R-Miss & R-Ohio) united against Qatar which considered a chief sponsor of terror in the Middle East causing a serious trouble for the Persian Gulf emirate.

In a conference sponsored by the Middle East Forum titled “Qatar: Strategic Ally or Strategic Threat?”, Marshall quoted “Qatar’s hedging support for extremists to the United States cannot and will not be tolerated”.

The Kansas congressman also quoted the following “Their support for violence, terror and bloodshed call into question the American partnership”.

President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the arrangement between US & Qatar to operate an air base in the emirate’s territory shall be reexamined based on the emirate’s dealings with Iran and other regional terror groups, including Hamas and the Taliban.

Michigan representative, the three-star Marine general & a Congressman also quoted “Qatar is clearly a problematic country, but to this point the United States has not taken enough action”.

Bergman accuses Qatar of playing a double game with Iran and terrorist militants to launch an influence campaign in the U.S.includes theft of emails and other communications belong to American people which requires issuing “Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act” that forces the State Department to report Congress on funders of Hamas funded by Qatar that poured billions into Hamas-led government that rules Gaza stip.