Next generation of Millennial super yachts anchors in Dubai

Next generation of Millennial super yachts anchors in Dubai

Idea lies behind a new generation of super yachts as industry experts were believed when they said that material possessions are not the main interests of first-time buyers of luxury item.

“New owners are more into experiences over things. This is not the generation that wants to buy, buy, buy. It’s the generation that wants to go out in the world and see what there is to find”, said by chairman of BehneMar Yachting Consultancy – Rainer Behne & officer of boat maker Gulf Craft’s executive management – Abeer Alshaali

The yachts have long-range engines besides hybrid hulls to withstand storms in addition to solar panels  as additional power resources.

“People are looking towards their boats to mimic what they’re seeing in other places — whether it’s in real estate or in cars. Innovation and technology, sustainability; all sorts of new materials”, Abeer Alshaali added

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Each year the yacht industry gathers at the Dubai International Boat Show, the biggest event of its kind in the Gulf.

Dubai International Boat Show 2019, is considered the biggest event in Gulf where industry came to show its wares off with a long maritime history.

From pearl diving to discovery of oil to its massive freight port where the sea naturally offered to Dubai.

This is the 27th version of the boat show that global calendar waits besides the seafaring tradition of Dubai includes thousands of new berths spread in harbors around the city.

“It’s a regional and international hub. At the end of the day, we sell to the east and we sell to the west”

Next-gen superyachts drop anchor in Dubai

Editor’s Note – CNN’s series often carry sponsorship originating from the countries and regions we profile. However, CNN retains full editorial control over all of its reports. Our sponsorship policy. (CNN) – Behind a new generation of superyachts lies an intriguing idea, if industry professionals are to be believed: that some first-time buyers of the ultimate luxury item aren’t that interested in material possessions.

Although 400 sea craft witness the show, the most radical vessel haven’t arrived yet. Oceanco is a Dutch company will unveil its 345-foot concept in the show which is named Esquel after a meteoritee qually at home in Antarctic & Mediterranean straight inspired from  pages of an Ian Fleming novel.

The cruising range of Esquel is 7,000 nautical miles which can roughly take the crew a third of circumference of world before making port.

Oceanco assures that convertible space for laboratories are available as marine biologists can utilize Esquel.

“Ideal for couples or friends who want to take a ‘gap year’ from their everyday routine. We have dedicated approximately 500 square meters purely for toys. Toys” being snowmobiles, jet skis, a helicopter and submarine”, Baloumis – Group marketing manager Paris

The owner uses 238-foot vessel as a base for heli-skiing in Chile.

“These days people are looking for a place where they can relax. We’re seeing even younger people purchasing yachts, or families coming together and purchasing them together. I don’t think it’s just a millennial thing; I think it’s an overall cultural change, where people are saying ‘maybe my grandfather’s generation worked from 8am until 10pm and never enjoyed anything in their life and we don’t want to do that anymore” said by Ken Hickling – super yacht specialist Ken Hickling name checking Cloudbreak