Dubai mega resort with $5 billion rises from The World

Dubai mega resort with $5 billion rises from The World

Europe or at least a version of it lies 4 kilometers off the Dubai coastline.

Six man-made islands styled to be a mix of European cities with $5 billion that will accommodates 16,000 tourists within height of travel luxury.

Sun always shines, white sands & warm of oceans will never far away. There’s Sweden, Venice, St Petersburg, Switzerland, Germany & more in this new Europe in Middle East.

The world’s construction began in 2003 with 300 artificial island spitched as a playground for famous & rich.

Archipelago completed in 2008 as a result The World remained undeveloped for many years.

Although the project was named spectacular white elephant, one corner is readying itself for guests which is “Heart of Europe”.

Construction cranes  rapidly build ahead of World Expo 2020. While prices of residential real estate have declined since 2014, demand picks up at start of the expo.

The Heart of Europe includes 13 resorts with 4,000 holiday homes featuring underwater bedrooms & climate-controlled streets spans six million square feet that will accommodates 16,000 people when completed.

32 villas on Germany Island, 10 waterfront “palaces” on Sweden Island & “Floating Seahorses dubbed in 78 floating homes surrounding St Petersburg Island.

One Swedish “palace is finished on land with Scandi-influenced design with upturned Viking ship that shapes the roof. The other nine palaces 70% completed. The honeymoon-themed St Petersburg, heart-shaped is formed & Bauhaus-inspired villas of Germany also take shape. The first Floating Seahorse has been completed besides 20 standard models still under construction.

“We want to be such a place where people from Dubai and from the UAE are attracted to spend their own vacation here in their own country. The main goal is to create a vibrant, diverse and sustainable marine habitat. People are looking for experiences, they’re no longer looking to have a bit of luxury on a beach. They want to have an adventure, they want to have something for their social media pages, they want something unique that helps them as individuals develop their own life story”, Josef Kleindienst – chairman said