Distracted Boyfriend’ couple are used by Hungarian government in billboard campaign

Distracted Boyfriend' couple are used by Hungarian government in billboard campaign

Hungarian government uses meme of “Distracted Boyfriend” for promoting benefits if its new pro-family.

In Budapest, photo of a new billboard garnered international attention.

Billboards promote a new plan of government for offering  lifetime income tax exemption to women of Hungary with 4 children or more.

Photo on the billboard shows a woman & man is embracing, one of stock images that feature the couple available on Shutter-shock ” image website”.

In 2017, another photo shows the man ogles another woman to visible disdain of his girlfriend, quickly became a legend of internet shared as “Distracted Boyfriend” meme.

Antonio Guillem, Spanish photographer took series in 2015 telling BuzzFeed News that his son pointed the image out while driving.

“I was driving my kids to school and my son noticed this new billboard — it’s the Hungarian government’s new ad for their pro-family benefit programs. And my son immediately said, ‘this is the couple from that meme”

Billboards of anti-European Union billboards used to feature George Soros & Jean-Claude Juncker, head of European Commission ahead of a visit by leader of political party coalition EPP to the country.

Users of social media mocked billboards saying that using the couple is not a smart move by government to urge families for having more children.

“The happy couple gracing the Hungarian government’s campaign advertising its new family policy is already famous on the internet…and not for being madly in love”