Canada sets a new world record for the largest snow maze


Guinness World Record rewarded a Canadian man for creating the largest snow maze in the world within six weeks by 150 semi-truck loads of snow in addition to 12 people working full time.

Largest snow maze

What 2789.114 square metre(s) Where Canada (St. Adolphe) The largest snow maze is 2,789.11 m² (30,021 ft² 110 in²) and was created by A Maze in Corn, Inc (Canada) in St. Adolphe, Manitoba, Canada, and measured on 10 February 2019. Clint Masse and his family, of A Maze in Corn, also create corn mazes.

Clint Masse having designed corn mazes since 1998 personally in his property located in St. Adolphe, Manitoba.

The budget for the maze was $42,676 for trucks, generators, artificial snow, labor & fuel.

“I thought I was a little bit crazy. I told my wife Angie, ‘Can I build something out of snow for $57,000?’ You need a crazy partner to say yes”, Masse said

The new maze was designed to be bigger than the last largest snow maze at Fort William Historical Park located in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

“One of my staff members showed me that snow maze and he said how big it was. I said, ‘Glen, it’s gonna be a ton of work but I think we can pull it off. When you build in the snow, it’s difficult. It’s not steel. Man made snow is more stable than natural (snow). If you drive through the snow walls in the maze you’re gonna break your car before you break those walls. We had a feeling it was going to be the largest. But it took a lot of organization to get the data and Guinness people to accept it”, Masse explained

The final result was a a maze with2 feet thick & 6.5 feet tall including statues & fire pits to keep people warm. It takes 30 minutes to walk through according to your ability to navigate it. 1000 is the average number of visitors  daily.